Top 17 Content Writing Sites That Pay Instantly

Do you have a flair for writing?  Why don’t you use it to make some money?

Many writers don’t do it because they cannot figure out where to start from. If you are one of them, then stop worrying anymore. Because in today’s post I will tell you the name of the top 10 content writing sites that pay it’s writers instantly for their expertise at writing.

The skills of so many good writers go unnoticed, only because they do not find a platform to showcase their talent. Do not be one of them. If you have the skills put it to use. Don’t let it go waste.

So check out the sites that I am going to talk about here and get in touch with them with some really cool ideas. If they find it interesting, just submit your post and get paid.

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Content Writing Sites That Pay

Spyre Studios

SpyreStudios, Content Writing sites that pay, write and get paid

This is a great site to make some money if you have good knowledge of web design. It accepts quality posts on well-written tutorials, posts/articles and how-tos. This site looks for original posts and does not reprint any post that has been already published elsewhere.

If you already have a blog, SpyreStudios can help you get some backlinks by letting you link your blog to the post that you want to submit.

They pay 50$ per post that is accepted and up to 160$ for good descriptive and quality tutorials.

Penny Hoarder

top writing sites that pay, write and get paid

This is an amazing website that shares posts on money-saving hacks, success stories, budget planning etc. Basically, they publish articles related to life and how it can be made easier.

Penny Hoarder looks for 600-700 words long posts about smart money guides, unique job ideas, life on budget ideas, DIYs etc. So if you think you have similar ideas, then go ahead and pitch it.

Your post will be published under your real name and they are also willing to link your post back to your website. Isn’t that fancy?

The payment will be discussed with you by the editor.

Funds For Writers

Funds for Writers, Content writing sites that pay, write and get paid

This is another fantastic site where you can submit your ideas and get paid for them. This site looks for unique and inspirational content on marketing, profitable business, success stories, unusual writing ideas to make money etc.

Your post should be a short one ranging from 500-600 words. Unlike the above site, this one is open to reprints. Although the payment for such submissions are low they are still paid for.

They pay 50$ for unpublished original content and 15$ for reprints.


Listverse, Content Writing sites that pay, write and get paid

Litverse is a brilliant website that offers to pay you for your submissions. The rules for submitting a post here is quite simple. Your content should be original, error-free and quality posts.

They look for content that are more like viral content that is put down in standard native speaking level English language.

The topics that you can write about are unsolved mysteries, misconceptions, hidden knowledge etc.

Another good thing about this site is that they have their own bunch of graphic designers. So if you are someone like me who is bad with images, do not worry. The Litverse team will do all the images for you.

They pay a 100$ per post for an idea that they agree to publish.


top writing sites that pay, write and get paid

Cosmopolitan is constantly looking for enthusiastic and creative contributors for their blog. The best thing is that if the idea you are pitching on gets selected, you get paid for it.

What’s even better is that they will sign you up for future assignments. Which means your career gets the kickstart you were looking for. Now that’s something really cool. They look for stories about college life and memories with friends or a date or something that happened at a party etc.

You will love writing for them. Because it’s just the memories that you will have to recreate in your own words.

They pay $100 for every accepted post.

Dollar Stretcher

Dollarstretcher, Content Writing sites that pay, write and get paid

Just like the name suggests, Dollar Stretcher is a fantastic website that helps its readers to find out a way to live a better life with less money. So they expect you to write something on that line.

The website already has tons of articles on their blog. So they want to make sure you write something that is different and unique from the posts they have already published. They also want you to pitch your idea before you start drafting your submission post.

They pay 0.10$ per word. This means you can make 100$ for a 1000 words article.

Hub Pages

Hubpages, Content writing sites that pay, write and get paid

Another website that I stumbled upon is the HubPages. In this site, you will have a wider scope of letting your ideas flow. That’s because they blog about almost everything. Be it health, technology, literature, science or any other niche that you can think of.

So don’t forget to check them out. The post length they look for is 700+.

Their payment is not disclosed.


write and get paid

Babble is an ever-evolving website that blogs about parenting, pregnancy, humor, lifestyle, and entertainment.  It is basically a source of inspiration for a new mom or a dad about how to raise their kids or things to do during pregnancy etc.

As obvious as it sounds, Babble looks for and publishes similar content. The writer guidelines in Babble are not easily found on the website. So if you want to contribute to this blog you will have to try and get in touch with the editor directly.

This post pays $100-$150 per submission.


content writing sites that pay, write and get paid

Dame is another interesting website that pays its writers for their submission. This website covers topics on politics, reproductive rights, policy, civil rights, race, sex, class, gender, LGBTQ, disability, class, media, law, cultural trends, and more.

Make sure that your ideas have a strong viewpoint and have an original and forthright voice. Because these are some of the features the website looks for in their writers.

This site reported pays $200 per posts.

Write Naked

Write Naked, Content writing sites that pay, write and get paid

Write Naked is another site that surely needs your attention. This site is run by a freelance writer called Tara Lynne Groth from North Carolina. Write naked is slightly different from the others so you need to check it before pitching your ideas.

You can send in your ideas only during the open reading schedule. Their reading schedule for 2018 was

January 1 – March 31: Closed
April 1 – April 30: Open
May 1 – September 30: Closed
October 1 – October 31: Open

November 1 – December 31: Closed

You can send in your ideas only during the open reading period.

They will pay you 50$ for Guest Posts. But if your posts are particularly good they might send you a 200$ as a standard compensation.

Writers Weekly


Writers Weekly, Content writing sites that pay, write and get paid

The next site that you might want to check out is the WritersWeekly. Though they have a team of writers to curate content for their blog, Writer’s Weekly also purchases articles from freelances across the globe.

They make it clear, however, that they are not interested in columns and series or free posts to promote a product or service. They look for articles on how to make money by writing.

You can also send them posts about home-based businesses and self-employment that may result from writing, such as self-publishing, corporate writing, ghostwriting, etc.  So basically they invite all ideas that help writers support themselves performing the work they love.

They pay 60$ for original posts and 40$ for reprints.

Make A Living Writing

Make a living writing, Content writing sites that pay, write and get paid

Carol has a great motive and her blog is definitely worth mentioning. A writer herself, Carol tries to help writers grow by paying them for what they write.

Make A Living Writing is one of the top content writing sites that pay its writer for their work. This blog looks for topics in Productivity, social media and marketing success stories, Editor Q & A, writing craft etc.

She believes if a blog is making money for its owner, then guest bloggers must be paid too. You can send in your ideas and if it gets selected mail her your final draft.

She pays 75$ for short posts and 150$ for long in-depth posts.


content writing sites that pay, crazyleaf, write and get paid

Crazy Leaf is yet another amazing content writing sites that pay a good amount to its contributors for submitting their work. They accept articles fro freelancers, wallpapers that you have designed, inspirational stories etc.

This site invites writers with original content that should be at least 500 words long. You also need to add 3 images to your post of the defined px size.

They have not disclosed the amount they pay per posts.


ThemeForest, Content writing sites that pay, write and get paid

For all of you who are familiar with WordPress, will know that ThemeForest is the largest marketplace for WordPress resources. It is one of the leading names in the web designing sector. This platform is a great source for web designers to make some money and get a quick exposure in the web designing market.

Currently, ThemeForest pays 100$ for every submission that you make.


top writing sites that pay, write and get paid

Mirasee is another website that pays you for contributing to their blog section. They look for 1000-2000 words posts on marketing, business, productivity, growth etc. You can earn a quick $200 for submitting something unique in the relevant field.

Currently, it pays only for the posts they commission.

Eureka Street

top writing sites that pay, write and get paid

This is a fantastic site that accepts submission from writers on various topics. It mainly looks for analysis or commentary on politics, religion, popular culture or current events in Australia and the world.

They accept posts of up to 800 words with no images, relevant links. They also accept posts on creative non-fiction and short fiction.

Eureka Street pays $200 for every accepted submission that you make.

Wrapping Up

I know it’s not easy to kickstart a writing career especially when you have just stepped into the field. You might sometimes be overwhelmed at the idea of where to start from. I, therefore, thought of compiling this list of the Top Content Writing Sites that pay its contributors for their work.

I hope this post was helpful to you in showing you a direction where to begin from. I will surely try to bring in more sites and add them to this list. So do come back and check out where else you can send in your ideas.

Until then keep writing!

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